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Provide youth with life enhancing opportunities through Lacrosse and to keep it a part of their culture and heritage for generations to come. Jeff sees the importance for each participants for recreation, fun or something more advancement level. Jeff will elaborate on his motivational speech and Lacrosse sessions. Jeff sees the importance of attending all 74 First Nation FSIN groups in Saskatchewan to provide the youth with a eye opening life changing opportunities in the Sport of Lacrosse through his motivational speech and his impactful Lacrosse sessions. Jeff will elaborate on the opportunities now a days for Lacrosse. Lacrosse has always been a huge part of the Indigenous Games but now implemented back into the Canada Summer Games and potentially Lacrosse is close to becoming embedded into the Olympic. This provides tremendous opportunity for aboriginal youth combined with life lessons learned and building friendships with others.



  • 2-3 days with Jeff to learn the ropes! 10AM - 3:00PM every day

  • Motivational speech.

  • Emphasizing the spiritual connection with the game of Lacrosse combined with the physical attributes that provides physical and mental clarity.

  • Fundamental skills and drills to advance and complex strategies to the sport.

  • Knowledge into both box and field Lacrosse and the opportunities that both games bring.

  • Fun games, relays and simulated scrimmages

  • Conditioning and skill activities you can do on your own at home: Shattler's Secrets.

  • Educational insight into the opportunities for aboriginal youth with seeking a Lacrosse career.

  • A meet and greet with tribal Council/parents and potential Lacrosse enthusiasts who may wish to continue with a Lacrosse program in the community.

  • 30 sticks & 30 balls if neeeded a carrying case to be left for your aboriginal community to have the essential equipment to start a community recreational group or for your school. I'll bring targets, rebounders and nets! Extra charge may be applied.

  • Lasting fun memories for a life time.


Bring out one of the BEST all round Lacrosse players within the last decades to your community to inspire the youth of today! As a competitive sport on the national and international stage, this provides an increasing opportunity for aboriginal youth today.

  • Cost per day may based on expenses (mileage and accommodations).

  • Want to book? Please email and we will set up the arrangements.

  • 50% deposit is needed when finalizing the booking.


"The students really enjoyed meeting Jeff. He encouraged them to be not only great Lacrosse players but great people. The one on one trick shots he showed us were golden".


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