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The School Program provides a great opportunity to educate and to make individuals aware of how and why Lacrosse is instrumental to Canadian heritage.  Jeff will come to your school and lead each session. Students will learn the basics skills and drills for Lacrosse. Targeting individuals as young as kindergarten all the way up to grade 12. Jeff will bring 30 sticks/balls with him so each session. To get the best benefit each session can have up to 30 students (If session will have more PLEASE notify by email so Jeff can prepare). Jeff will provide a consistent message about the Sport of Lacrosse.





Each session that Jeff conducts will touch on the following (time permitting):

  • Optional 30-45 minute motivation talk with 10-15 Q&A.

  • 9:00AM to 12 then 1:00PM to 3:30PM: Lacrosse sessions for the school working with their gym schedule (K-12 with OPTIMAL FIT for grades 4 and up).

  • Each grade receives 1 introductory session.

  • Overview of the lacrosse stick and terminology.

  • Fundamental skills and drills.

  • Fun activities and relays.

  • Jeff will teach the supervising teacher the basics to run a Lacrosse session.

Tips for teachers for Lacrosse sessions in their school (PDF left with them).


Please email the SASKATCHEWAN LACROSSE ASSOCIATION ( to book your school. Jeff tries to do schools in geographical regions together to reduce the mileage costs on the schools.


Want your students to learn more than just the basics? If Schools are interested to further Lacrosse into their education curriculum they can have 30 sticks, 30 balls and a carrying case for their school own use. Please email for details on cost.

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