Are you looking to take your game one step further? Do you want to stay ahead of your competitor? Look no further this program was designed for you! Jeff’s professional resume speaks for itself as he will share his success that has took him to the top of the Lacrosse world with in the past two decades! This program will accelerate your ability to reach your maximum potential and  beyond. It will put you outside of your learning curve with challenging drills and skills by expanded your knowledge with new  defense, transitional and offensive strategies. Jeff will provide you with the tools and some secret tricks that only a few of the professionals know! Learn from the best or die like the rest!


• Basic Stick Training: Shooting, passing, catching in tight   spaces, and securing loose balls

• Advanced Drills: Professional level playbook drills

• Proper shooting mechanics (stationary or on the run) from outside to inside tight spaces to help accuracy, velocity and performance

• Body Positioning Training: Offensive and Defensive

• Understanding shooting angels and high percentage outcomes and how to defend

• How to set and avoid picks.

• Checking, how to evade an opponent, triple threat position

• Trick shots

• Breakaway drills

• Two man game

• Be the best: off hand practice with off season training techniques and conditioning

• Fundamentals of transition and understanding the impact of loose balls and face offs

• Shattler Lacrosse Academy Pinnies (Athlete keep)

• Prize giveaways


Cost is usually structured based around how many hours each player will receive.  Each athlete must fill out a registration form and book online to be successful registered. 40 athletes minimal per age session must be registered to have a elite program. Association who host the elite program are responsible to book and rent the facility. 

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