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This camp will prepare you for the next level! You will be pushed to be better on and off the floor. Like most elite programs Jr./Pro/College/University, attendance will be a must, as I do understand things to come up and in that being said a phone call must be made not by your parents but by the athlete. Each week will consist of one, two-hour sessions. Every week you will have and one hour session for lacrosse and the other hour will either be speed training or in the weight room. The elite program will be done by application only, not everyone will be excepted. You will be judged on attendance, work ethic, experience, attitude and finally skill level. If you feel like you would fit in with this program please fill out the application and submit. The program will only be excepting 25-30 athletes for 16U, 14U and 12U. So, spots are limited with an opportunity for a travel tournament to the states to test out our skill level and improvements. All athletes will receive their own penny and shorts which must be worn every time you are on the floor in full equipment. Please be advised that this program will not be for everyone, you will be expected to listen to criticism and be willing to push yourself both mentally and physically-looking forward to the future of lacrosse here in Saskatchewan and the athletes that will lead the way!



We have the program for you! Top 10 points!

- Travel to the states (additional fees)

- Possibility of being scouted

- Push you to the next level

- Point out weaknesses

- Jersey, shorts and t-shirt with the camp

- Nutrition plan

- 12 hours of lacrosse

- 12 sessions split between speed training and weight training

- Evaluation report card based on specific criteria


Cost is $649.99 plus taxes

Additional charges may be added if US travel is required

Application form and waiver form must be read and understood. Go to camps and select elite camp.

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